MoMA posters


These posters were created for a fictional exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art called “The Art of Indie Games,” featuring the game design company Amanita Design as the main artist. (Amanita Design really does have beautiful indie games that truly are art, so you should definitely check them out if you’re into that).

The style was driven by the company’s symbolic Amanita mushroom, along with their signature style of earth tones, textures, and layered 2D art with an almost hand-drawn quality.

While I began this assignment prior to reading this article, apparently the MoMA will be opening a Games as Art expo in March! — Guess I’m not the only one hoping to see games appreciated as art in these kinds of ways. Hopefully it can move beyond the classics and into the indie scene, where there is so much talent and creativity!


PROCESS - I started out by scanning my drawing and digitizing it with the pen tool in Illustrator. Then I brought it into Photoshop to add the textures and effects.



+1 Digital Wizardry Skills

Well, it’s the mid-point of the semester! I’ve been enjoying my Graphic Design I and Digital Photo I classes, covering everything from layout design in InDesign, typography in Illustrator, and tons of Photoshop wizardy such as color correction, hand-coloring, floating spheres and composites. Here are some of the projects so far:

Floating Spheres (October 2012)

Assignment: Impose floating, reflective, colorful spheres into a photograph you took. (Adobe Photoshop).

Typography Self-portrait (September 2012)

Assignment: Create a self-portrait only using type. (Adobe Illustrator). You can view the original and many more variations of this project here.

Hand-Coloring (September 2012)

Assignment: Change one of your photographs to black & white. Then, use digital tools to appropriately recolor the photo to create a picturesque style. (Adobe Photoshop)

I took the photograph this is based off of at Marie Antoinette’s cottages in Versailles while studying abroad last semester.

Logo Designs (September 2012)

Assignments: Create two logos: one for an eco-friendly company, and one for yourself. (Adobe Illustrator).

Personal logo. I also whipped together an animation for this logo in After Effects, which you can view here.

Logo for an electronics recycling company

Rapid Typography (August 2012)

Assignment: Quickly illustrate five words through typography. (Adobe Illustrator). You can view the other four words here.

Grid Systems (August 2012)

Assignment: Create two spreads using grid systems. (Adobe InDesign). You can view the other spread here.

This subject and the photos come from my trip to a winery while studying abroad in Italy last semester.

Puzzle Project (August 2012)

Assignment: Use your photography to create a nine-piece puzzle, with a different filter on each piece. (Adobe Photoshop)

Grunge Intro (Sound Editing & Motion Graphics)

This is an experimental grunge intro for a hypothetical underground music scene label or promotional company. I mainly focused on creating the soundtrack, which was compiled in Adobe Premiere using about 6 different sound files that were cut up, looped, overlapped, and varied in different ways. Grunge graphics were created in Photoshop and Illustrator and integrated with live footage in After Effects to create motion graphics.

Kinetic Typography (1st After Effects project)

This is a kinetic typography video I created to illustrate the first 30 seconds of  “The Artist in the Ambulance” by Thrice. It is my first time using Adobe After Effects (which now I love), created for my class Multimedia Authoring. The assignment was to use After Effects to create a 30-second animated text video.

Eager to truly explore this program, I was determined to use this assignment as a good excuse to learn AE tutorials and experiment with many different effects and features. I also wanted to incorporate backgrounds and graphics I created in Photoshop with the motion graphics.

Watch in HD!

Looking forward to my next After Effects video editing project!

“Peers to Pros” MGS event promos

Next week Marist Game Society is hosting a special event I’ve been organizing titled “Peers to Pros: Turning student projects into professions” featuring guest speakers from RedCandy Games. RedCandy games is a start-up indie game development company consisting of students from RPI, which makes their first game and the proprietary engine they built to make it all-the-more impressive. The purpose of this event is to equip students–particularly game design students–with the knowledge and motivation needed to start tackling their ambitions and consider the start-up game development path as opposed to Triple-A game companies.

These are the promotional materials I made for the event, incorporating the concept art from RedCandy’s featured game, TIC: Part 1. These were created in Photoshop (and they look much nicer full-size without the crunching of WordPress!)

Peers to Pros – 11 x 17 posters:

Peers to Pros – small handouts: