“Festina Lente” (Travel Booklet)

Festina Lente is a travel booklet I designed with the aim to motivate good travelling mindsets. Its content is about “embracing the bella vita of Northern Italy” and it is driven by the photography I took in Italy and the experiences that inspired these mindsets and advice. It’s not so much a travel guide for places to go and things to do, but a guide for how to embrace the beautiful life of Italy, as a tourist.

This was based off a travel brochure/magazine assignment in my Graphic Design class. We had to create 12 pages including a cover page and an advertisement for the back cover, and we needed to narrow in on a certain audience or purpose. I was very luckily assigned Italy, which is why I went with a photography-based approach with the aim to inspire good traveling.  The goal of the assignment was to learn Adobe InDesign, experiment with grids, and practice layout design.

(Note: A few frame boxes that should not load do show up in this PDF display — please disregard them).

+1 Digital Wizardry Skills

Well, it’s the mid-point of the semester! I’ve been enjoying my Graphic Design I and Digital Photo I classes, covering everything from layout design in InDesign, typography in Illustrator, and tons of Photoshop wizardy such as color correction, hand-coloring, floating spheres and composites. Here are some of the projects so far:

Floating Spheres (October 2012)

Assignment: Impose floating, reflective, colorful spheres into a photograph you took. (Adobe Photoshop).

Typography Self-portrait (September 2012)

Assignment: Create a self-portrait only using type. (Adobe Illustrator). You can view the original and many more variations of this project here.

Hand-Coloring (September 2012)

Assignment: Change one of your photographs to black & white. Then, use digital tools to appropriately recolor the photo to create a picturesque style. (Adobe Photoshop)

I took the photograph this is based off of at Marie Antoinette’s cottages in Versailles while studying abroad last semester.

Logo Designs (September 2012)

Assignments: Create two logos: one for an eco-friendly company, and one for yourself. (Adobe Illustrator).

Personal logo. I also whipped together an animation for this logo in After Effects, which you can view here.

Logo for an electronics recycling company

Rapid Typography (August 2012)

Assignment: Quickly illustrate five words through typography. (Adobe Illustrator). You can view the other four words here.

Grid Systems (August 2012)

Assignment: Create two spreads using grid systems. (Adobe InDesign). You can view the other spread here.

This subject and the photos come from my trip to a winery while studying abroad in Italy last semester.

Puzzle Project (August 2012)

Assignment: Use your photography to create a nine-piece puzzle, with a different filter on each piece. (Adobe Photoshop)