Swing Quote v.0 – Beta tester enrollment (plus content updates)!

A couple weeks ago I posted about Swing Quote — a side project I’m designing and developing.


Swing quote is a website designed to help young Americans use self-discovery to explore 2016 presidential candidates and better identify which views resonate with their own stances on various political issues, without the presence of names or party tags influencing that decision.

In that post, I shared some of my process and acknowledged eight of the many problems that need to be addressed. Most of those issues still need to be addressed — especially the critical mobile bugs. But here are three new updates:

Update 1: Analytics & Beta Tester Enrollment

I’m very thankful for all the great feedback and support I’ve received from friends, family, peers and talented people in my network over the past couple weeks. It’s helped inspired me to keep going with this project…which means I’m going to need to resolve some of the user experience questions I brought up in the last post.

Luckily, I have this functioning (more or less) v.0 build temporarily hosted on my github to start gathering some real feedback from. That’s why I’ve integrated Hotjar — one of my favorite UX/analytics tools — to start observing the natural usage behavior on the website.

In addition to that, I intend to conduct some more structured user tests (after the major bugs are fixed) to both test out some feature development ideas and maybe gather some other problems and ideas that I haven’t discovered. That being said, would you like to be a beta tester?! (Basically, would you like to receive invitations to periodically do less-than-10-minute usability tests or surveys, online, at your convenience). If so, please simply visit the Swing Quote website to enroll. You’ll see this pop-up at the bottom of your screen, where you can choose “Yes” and enter your email address.


Even if you’d rather not enlist as a beta tester, but have some initial feedback to offer, please use this prompt at the bottom of the screen to choose “No thanks,” and you’ll then be presented with an easy option to enter some feedback!

MAJOR thank you to anyone who enlists as a beta tester and/or takes some time to provide feedback. It’s immensely helpful to hear what you like and don’t like, what you find easy and difficult, and what you’d like to see different or added. I’m very aware of many current problems and incompleteness, so your honest feedback is very welcome!

Update 2: Improved “Candidates” Page

One of the to-dos listed in the last post was to create dedicated image assets for the Candidates page (as opposed to recycling unsuitable images). This page should look much more presentable now, and be much more usable thanks to some other interaction tweaks (although, something is still a bit off with the hover interaction). Check it out!


Update 3: More Content!

Candidates who have dropped from the race like Jim Webb and Bobby Jindal (finally, gosh) have been dropped from the site. Similarly, more candidates are now represented in the quotes exploration. With both GOP and Democratic debates in the past few weeks, some very recent quotes have been added up-front in the quotes experience. Many more need to be added, but check out what’s new! (Note: This is still broken in mobile. Next item on the to-do list!)


Do you agree or disagree with this quote, recently spoken by a presidential candidate? Curious who said it? Go explore! (Unless you’re reading this from a phone :\ …Man, I really need to go fix that).


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