Learning, Education and Games (Book Series)

Learning, Education and Games book seriesIn the game-based learning (gbl) community, people from all different disciplines are always asking how they can actually make their gbl visions happen. Well, look no further for a consolidated, well-researched resource created by experts in the field!

The International Game Developers Association’s (IGDA) special interest group (SIG) for Learning, Education and Games (LEG) collaboratively wrote and edited a refreshing new book series called Learning, Education and Games. The first volume was released last month, in which I’m honored to have a case study featured in the language learning section. This volume focuses particularly on curricular and design considerations, ranging from general guidelines to specific topics like STEM.

I can honestly say, from my experience as a peer editor of this book, that the authors’ contributions are incredibly informed, insightful, and backed by years of fascinating experiences in the field. The well-synthesized and highly-applicable perspectives paired with compelling case studies will pull you right in. Definitely get your hands on a copy, which was published by ETC Press. You can order a paper book through Lulu.com or download the PDF book for free! Visit legbookseries.wordpress.com to get more information and your (free) copy of the book.

It was a privilege to host the book launch party & panel as my last Game-Based Learning NYC group event as a co-organizer, which featured special guest authors Elena Bertozzi, Ethan Hein, and Gabriela Richard along with the moderator and book author, Dr. Karen Schrier. I’m very proud of New York’s educational games community for generating such a monumental accomplishment! Bravissimo!

Learning, Education and Games - book launch & panel w/ IGDA NY LEG and GBLNYC

Learning, Education and Games – book launch & panel w/ IGDA NY LEG and GBLNYC

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