Games For Change 2014…in tweets.

Five days ago my mind was blown at the Games For Change 2014 Festival. And in five more days, my mind will be blown again when I arrive in Italy! This weekend was supposed to be when I get all obsessed about my trip, but somehow my mind is still enthralled with everything from G4C! I’m still soaking it in…

This was my second G4C Festival to attend, and this year I had the privilege of attending as a volunteer. It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by so many intelligent, innovative and inspiring individuals. Among the many thought-leaders present this year were Jenova Chen of ThatGameCompany (makers of Journey), Jesse Schell of Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Michael Levine of Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Noah Falstein of Google, Eric Zimmerman of NYU Game Center, Jane McGonical (author of Reality is Broken)Paolo Pedercini of Carnegie Mellon University, Erin Hoffman of Institute of Play’s GlassLab GamesTom Giardino of Valve, and so many more! 

And, of course, the games for change nominees really showcased the effort for moving the games for change initiative forward! (Go play ’em!)



ANYWAY, the energy that surged through these three amazing days is still wildly pumping through my veins. I’m still reflecting on everything I’ve learned, still feeling warm & fuzzy about the great people I met, and still overcome with the drive to do more.

My job as a volunteer was to help front the social media effort for G4C. So I was working with a small team to tweet our hearts out with the 800+ attendees and 10k+ online streamers (according to an article by USA Today — nice job, G4C!) (Shoutouts to my awesome social media crew: @DanButchko @LegendaryHylian @garrettfuselier @emmalarkins @catherineskwak @justin_snyder and the lovely G4C social media leader, @meghanventura)!

It was really cool to be in a designated role where we’re completely inserted into the online conversation along with live-tweeting the event highlights as they occurred. And it was kind of funny (or creepy?) to meet festival attendees and feel like we already knew them from their tweets 😛 …On a side note, I also learned to accomplish the impossible when it comes to using an iPad for typing & multitasking under pressure, and seem to have morphed into one of those crazy Twitter addicts overnight.

In light of this live-tweeting extravaganza, I thought a recap of my favorite #G4C14 tweets would be a solid way to share my own personal highlights of Games For Change 2014. They’re snippets of the moments that had me sitting at the edge of my seat, feeling my soul throb, or cleaning up the pieces of my brain exploding all over the Skirball Center auditorium… BTW, keep an eye out for the recordings on the G4C YouTube channel — everything will be posted there within the next week for your binge-viewing pleasure 🙂

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