UX Punk — Awesome Tools for IA Exercises

UX Punk — Awesome Tools for IA Exercises

As much as I love getting messy with quick information architecture exercises — which looks kind of like Post-it superpacks came to life and had a raging gay pride parade all over the whiteboards and tables — it’s not necessarily the most efficient way to conduct research and experiment with IA prototyping.

So I’ve gotta share these awesome tools that have been saving me lots of time (and colorful index cards) lately: Websort and Plainframe — provided to us by UX Punk. Not only do they help you quickly create IA-based user study exercises (such as a digital rendition of the classic card sorting activity), but it also provides you great analytic tools to quickly make best use of your results, which can even be shared.

You can use limited studies for free (full functionality; limited participants per study), or opt to purchase large-scale user study capabilities. Check it out!

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