Kids Got Game

Kids Got Game

The mobile kids’ game space is crowded with over 96,000 apps (and that’s just on iOS). Successfully breaking into that space takes not only hard work and dedication, but some educated guidance from people with experience in the space.

Tonight I attended a “Deep Dive” event hosted by one of my favorite networking communities, the NY Games Forum. The lecture, Creating Kid-Friendly Mobile Games, was taught by Carla Engelbrecht Fisher, Ed.D — veteran of designing mobile games for kids, and founder of No Crusts Interactive. Along with the excellent insights covered, she provided some great resources for people interested in designing and/or marketing kids’ mobile games. You can read up on some of them in her blog on Kidscreen, “Kids Got Game.”

Check out one of No Crusts’ games, Williamspurrrrg, which utilizes social play on tablet devices in a very cool way. (Plus, who doesn’t love cats with hipster mustaches and sweet puns!?

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