Recommended Read: “Mobile Usability” by Jakob Neilsen

A couple weeks ago I went on a little book-buying binge on some topics I have new projects revolving around. (I know…voluntarily buying myself more textbooks now that I’m free from ever having to do that again in college. Nerd for life). One of these topics is designing pleasant cross-platform experiences. And I found such a good read on it that I have to recommend it to any other interaction & UX designers looking for an enjoyable resource.

Mobile UsabilityMobile Usability” by Jakob Nielsen (from the Nielsen Norman Group) has taken a popular seat among my co-workers and me. It was a very easy read-through — separated out by topics, and well-explained through great case studies with image examples. Even though I breezed through it quickly, I still reference it at my desk several times per week as I plow through the concept & design documentation phase of mobile web software.

One downside, though, is that it doesn’t go quite as in-depth as advanced designers might hope for from NNG. However, I find it extremely useful to have these ideas consolidated and formatted into this single resource. And there are definitely several little gems of insight in there.

Also, this was published almost a year ago. But I almost find that as an advantage, since we’re in this crazed stage of mobile pioneering, in which we’re starting to see many new and popular trends that could actually play out as terrible user experiences if not done with careful considerations.

What’s especially nice about this book is that opposed to backing UI/UX decisions based on mobile trends, such as those from or, the strategies are backed by in-depth research & case studies. Of course, you have to take and leave the conclusions based on the particular users & goals you’re dealing with, but it’s overall an insightful and informative resource.

So, if you’re a fellow designer (especially one who is newer to UX or to the mobile space) and you’re looking for a read like this, then I do recommend it!

By the way, I am still seeking some more solid resources for cross-platform design — ideally references to examples of how UI elements & conventions should vs. must change for each device. So please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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