The Gaming Day legacy, and how I’d plan it with endless means

Artwork by Isaiah Miller

Artwork by Isaiah Miller

This Saturday is the semi-annual Gaming Day at Marist College — a traditional all-day gaming event that goes back for decades.

I love this event for its remarkable community. Hundreds of students come out for the event. You might see the same students there for 10+ hours of the day. You’ll probably see alumni who I call “the Gaming Day guys” because I only (but always) see them twice a year, at this event. And you’ll always see students carrying 32″ TVs and a box overflooding with game controller cables from dorm rooms to the Student Center. My goal is always to achieve that unique gamer energy in the atmosphere — the kind that pulls you in at E3 or MLG or ComicCon — and to keep it going alllllll dayyyyy longgggggg.

This will be my seventh and final Gaming Day that I’m helping to organize, so I’m hoping it’ll be bigger and better than ever. We even get to take over the largest Student Center space this semester! I’m expecting to see an overflowing PC section of League of Legends players who I will be SO proud of, and I’m looking forward to trying out a WiiU!

Our Planning Committee is invested in every little detail — from developing a fluid floor plan, to doing paperwork for funding a plethora of pizza, to guaranteeing enough power & network access, to assuring a Magic the Gathering Draft will run smoothly, to painting glittery signs for the room.


We’ve done immense planning, but I think the only thing I’m not prepared for is the “Beat former MGS President Liz in Counter-Strike” contest…

While we do the best we can with the time, budget and administrative rules that restrict us, we often come up with fun “I wish we could” kind of thoughts. I thought I’d share a few.

GamingDaysignsThings I would do if we had an endless budget:

  • Line up a wall with oldschool arcade systems
  • Purchase Stormtrooper costumes for security
  • Set up a laser tag arena
  • Hire Video Games Live to play a video game orchestra concert
  • Invite Peter Dinklage
  • Recruit panelists from the gaming industry
  • Hire booth girls that do not have to wear short-shorts, hair extensions, 24 layers of make-up or a ridiculous cosplay lingerie outfit
  • Have cases of Bawls to freely give away
  • Hire Major League Gaming crew and broadcasters to host a LoL tournament

Things I would do if we had endless planning time:

  • Bake 36 dozen cookies and decorate them as PacMan and his ghosts
  • Create a giant disco ball that is the Death Star
  • Unlock all the characters on the school-owned copies of games
  • Build Peter Dinklage a King’s Landing out of Legos
  • Do an epic cosplay promo when handing out fliers around campus…as…..Halo characters?
  • Paper mâché a 50-ft piñata of Gandalf raising his staff whilst riding an eagle to hang from the ceiling.
  • Practice playing Counter-Strike

Things I would do if we had no restrictions:

  • …On second thought, let’s not go there.

How Gaming Day would ideally look:


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