Demo Reel & Official web portfolio transition

Well, this WordPress site is now finally transitioned over from my web portfolio to simply a blog (hence the new look and missing pages). My old posts are still archived here, and you can view my web portfolio here at

Future posts will be less about completed projects and more about process, reflections and interesting finds. However, I’d like to share this demo reel I recently compiled to show some selected video editing, production & motion graphics projects of mine.

You’ll notice that there are many different styles and purposes represented in here, and that I opted to cut these samples to their original tracks as opposed to overlaying one music track over its whole duration. This is because of a realization I had while doing this: I love the art of crafting sound, images and a visual style together, all with a goal or desired reaction in mind. With the right planning and execution, video can be such a powerful message-deliverer — and it’s that creative capability which makes me excited about digging my teeth into these projects.

Over the past couple years I’ve been focusing more into interaction design — especially in the realm of iOS apps and game-based learning experiences. Video editing & production still remains a major hobby of mine though…something which I still involve myself in projects with, and which I hope to involve in my future professions — even if it’s a matter of freelance work or volunteer work for non-profits.

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