Designing a Mobile Learning Experience project

Over the past couple months I’ve been working on a project of great importance to me. I’m designing a location-based interactive learning experience for iPhone, with the purpose of preparing Marist College students planning to study abroad in Florence, Italy with the basic language skills & social etiquette awareness that will help them overcome culture shock more quickly & confidently. This was, of course, inspired by my own experience studying abroad in Firenze.

DaorbaThe concept has evolved far from its beginning stages of an Italian language-learning game. With the guidance of research and design iteration, it’s become a much more meaningful application than before. You can view a sneak peek of the design document so far — with an overview, user personas & storyboard, research, audience insights, competitive analyses, inspiration boards, wireframes, use case scenarios and some dabbling in visual design direction & content. The next steps will be taking the deep dive into designing the actual content, screen graphics and mockups, along with a working prototype to tweak the functionality based on user testing feedback.

You can view a sneak peak of this project, temporarily named Daorba, here on my new website. While the website is temporarily held over by a template right now, I am currently busy designing & developing it from scratch. Once completed, my content in this blog will be removed and/or shifted over to my new site.


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