Current Projects of a Senioritis-Immune Student

Well, it seems my mental immune system has been fighting off the infamously crippling disease of Senioritis quite well…so far. As we plunge (or plummet) into the mid-point of this final semester of college, I thought I’d share some of the projects I’m primarily working on…


First of all, I’m brushing up on HTML and learning CSS & jQuery through the aid of Codecademy (which I’d highly recommend for self-learning beginners of computer languages). In the coming weeks, I will be releasing a new website portfolio to replace this WordPress blog!


Also with the help of Codecademy, I’m learning Javascript during the second half of the semester. In May I will complete a small game development project to put what I’ve learned into action.



I’m very excited to use this independent study towards personal creative projects — the most significant of which is this music video. During my semester abroad last year, I captured quite a bit of video footage which I’ve been itching to apply towards something since. A concept has come to mind, which will involve the integration of my European-adventures footage along with newly-recorded set footage and a whole lot of motion tracking in After Effects. I plan to complete the final project by mid-April to submit to the Marist Silver Fox Awards of film production. As for now…I’m engrossed in the pre-production stages — Organizing, annotating & documenting my footage, then creating a storyboard and shot list.


The obsession with studying abroad seems to explode its way into many of my projects since returning to campus. Perhaps the most exciting (and demanding) project I’m working on is a highly-targeted, location-based mobile app design to create an interactive, cultural learning experience. First, I am creating a full design document in — with the concept overview, user personas & scenarios, storyboards, primary & secondary research, competitive analyses, inspiration & mood boards, feature sets, wireframes, etc. I will also be graphically designing the screen graphics & mockups. Then, I will be prototyping the design (or an aspect of it) using the ARIS engine, and user testing it on campus.

Here's a sneak peak of some pages of the design doc so far.

Here’s a sneak peak of some pages of the design doc so far.

The purpose of this design is to help Marist students enrolled in the Florence study abroad program (70+ students each semester) to become better prepared to overcome the social, lifestyle, lingual and cultural challenges they will encounter upon arrival; essentially, it aims to provide confidence, knowledge and awareness that will help them immediately start taking full advantage of their study abroad experience upon arrival. Based on the enthusiastic & positive responses received by students during the initial concept testing phase, I’m really determined to do all I can with this in the time I still have here.


While I am an avid Adobe Premiere & After Effects user, this semester I’m learning to use Avid for video editing. In a team of four, we plan the commercial strategy, storyboard our execution, create shot lists, film the commercial, and post-produce it in Avid. We’ve been thrown into the world of studio sets, green screens and Avid — so far producing commercials for Regal Cinemas and Ponds Make-Up Remover Wipes, along with a radio spot for Febreze.


expEXP, the geek news & entertainment series on Marist College TV, is an ongoing project I’m still quite involved in. Last week we released Episode 4, which is the last episode that I will be heading the editing and special effects on. It’s time to teach the underclassmen on the team how to edit to the style we’ve established thus far. However, I’ll still be co-hosting the show for the remainder of the semester (assuming my co-host doesn’t kill me for accidentally punching him in the face on camera and deliberately leaving it in editing last episode), and writing pieces here and there.


Along with training new editors & producers for EXP, I’m additionally transitioning out of my position as president of the club Marist Game Society. Since co-founding MGS my freshman year, the club has grown from 15 to over 100 active members who meet each week to nerd out about games, demo their own game design projects, and, of course, play games. This club is my baby, but I have full faith in the new executive board members transitioning in. Plus, I’m still heading a few big events of the semester — the 12-hour campus Gaming Day on April 20th, the first ever Marist student Game Design Expo on May 8th, and the “Marketing in the Gaming Industry” panel presentation next week.

mgs-marketingingamingindustrySo, those the are the big things going on this semester for me. The imminent job hunting shall begin soon….since I seem to live & breathe busy projects in my life.

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