EXP: Episode 4

Episode 4 of the MCTV show I’m part of, EXP, was put on the air today. To step up the editing, I created some abstract backgrounds in After Effects to cover the blue screen throughout the show and I started to do a little more pre-production with the planning of asset dimensions & timing for the motion graphics effects.

Oh, and I also punch my co-host in the face on camera. This was an accident, I swear. It was supposed to be a fake punch, but I guess I just got a little too amped about filming our closing sequence. Our producers insisted that we use the footage…so, that’s that.

In this episode, we cover news about Star Wars IV, The Last Of Us, returning TV Shows, and Knights of Badassdom, the first ever “Caiti’s Corner” ranting on “gamer girls,” and reviews of Aliens Colonial Marines and Dead Space 3. Enjoy! And remember to watch in HD.

This particular segment was primarily planned, edited and organized by Caiti.

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