“Festina Lente” (Travel Booklet)

Festina Lente is a travel booklet I designed with the aim to motivate good travelling mindsets. Its content is about “embracing the bella vita of Northern Italy” and it is driven by the photography I took in Italy and the experiences that inspired these mindsets and advice. It’s not so much a travel guide for places to go and things to do, but a guide for how to embrace the beautiful life of Italy, as a tourist.

This was based off a travel brochure/magazine assignment in my Graphic Design class. We had to create 12 pages including a cover page and an advertisement for the back cover, and we needed to narrow in on a certain audience or purpose. I was very luckily assigned Italy, which is why I went with a photography-based approach with the aim to inspire good traveling.  The goal of the assignment was to learn Adobe InDesign, experiment with grids, and practice layout design.

(Note: A few frame boxes that should not load do show up in this PDF display — please disregard them).

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