Animated 3D Carousel & Bouncing Ball

This is a carousel I modeled and animated in Maya. The assignment was to create a bouncing ball animation and build a scene around it using lighting and any other elements we’d like to experiment with in Maya, animate a camera to capture it and then compile the video in Adobe Premeire. I put the focus of my project into the scene itself by modeling and decorating a carousel with horses and illuminated lights.

The camerawork and ball animation turned out to be very weak elements of this project outcome. It was very difficult to edit the animations and camera due to lag.  So, I’ve learned my lesson for future projects, especially keeping game design in mind: LESS POLYGONS!

Here’s how the animated video came out (note: I’m aware of the odd texture glitch on two of the horses that I couldn’t seem to debug):

To take a closer look at my personal focus of this project–the modeling–here are some screen shots:

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