Maya Practice – Chess piece, horn, chair, lamp

Continuing to learn Autodesk Maya in my 3D Modeling & Animation class, this assignment entailed modeling four more objects: a chess piece, a horn (instrumental), a chair and an object of our choice. The objective was to build on the tools we already know with the additional introduction of using the CV Curve and linear curve tool.

Chess piece

I took an Alice in Wonderland theme direction for this one…


I was really determined to attempt a French horn as opposed to a trumpet, bike horn or trombone-like object for this one. What I found to be the most difficult challenge about modeling this was the lack of a real, 3D reference that I could observe from all angles–especially for something I’m so unfamiliar with. I also would have created this in a different order if I were to do it again too.


This chair was made organically with no reference, which is probably why it’s pretty disproportionate and just off. It was nice being able to add lots of details and symmetry with the cv curves and linear curve tools though.

Object of Choice: Lamp

After creating the French horn, I learned how important it is to truly understand and study the object being modeled, so I made the lamp on my desk. I also tried playing around with light, which is not rendered in these screenshots.

2 thoughts on “Maya Practice – Chess piece, horn, chair, lamp

    • Thanks, Ben 🙂 …I don’t know the exact density atm, but it’s certainly high–especially for the chair. I finished these off with a decent amount of smoothing, since they’re just practice–for looks–rather than objects to implement into an animation or game.

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