Music video for VAH’s “Afternoon Delight” up again

In summer 2009 I created a short animation to New Jersey local band Van Atta High‘s pop rock cover of the song Afternoon Delight (originally by the Starland Vocal Band). When I shared it with them, they asked if I’d make it into a full-length music video for their song. With no budget, some skills, and plenty of time, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Using some unused backstage and onstage footage taken by the singer, a friend, and a random fan at a show who was willing to share, I intertwined bits and pieces of video recordings with my own motion graphics (using Sony Vegas 6.0) until a full-length video was produced.

It was a joy to see the video become such a hit among Van Atta High fans; it was devastating when YouTube forced me to take down the video due to some unresolved issues about who completely owned the rights to the song. (Neither the band nor S1 Publishing did anything legally wrong). Not only did this issue interfere with the video, but the band couldn’t even sell the song as a single on iTunes.

Well, apparently the issue is no longer a problem now. Van Atta High’s cover of Afternoon Delight has recently been playing among some Florida radio stations like Cowhead Radio, and today the band announced on Facebook that Afternoon Delight is now available to purchase as a single on iTunes [again].

So, I’m putting the full-length music video for Afternoon Delight back up for public access. It had already been re-uploaded a year ago when it won “Best Animation” in Marist College Media Arts Department’s 2010 Silver Fox Awards, but it was hidden without any text/tagging/linking associated with Van Atta High or Afternoon Delight. Now it has been blatantly renamed its original title: Van Atta High – Afternoon Delight [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] …Enjoy!

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